We would like to show you around the Center.

Each of our groups have a generalized plan for the day's activities, such as Socialization & Free Play, Music & Movement, Cooking, etc. These activities take place in various Learning Centers, which may be an entire room or a corner of a room which is set aside for a specific purpose.

Welcome to Gaul’s World – let    the play begin.

Block area where the children become involved in “creative play” by building with wooden blocks.

Music & Story is a great way to start our day.


A variety of toys allow our children to express themselves through imaginative play.

Tables are set up for projects, puzzles, play dough, etc.

Favorite foods from home plus good friends equal a happy mealtime.

A love of reading is encouraged through our numerous books available in the library corner.  

Something good is always cooking when Gaul’s guys & gals are in the kitchen.

Our kindergarten room has the warmth & coziness of a one-room schoolhouse with all the current materials for learning.

A break in our busy day – take a snooze on a cot, or watch a favorite movie!

Join us for fun and imaginative play in the largest sand box around!

Climb up and slide down over & over on one of our many slides.

A bridge just like Billy Goat Gruff used but without the Troll.

Ample off-street parking is provided for the safe drop-off and pick-up of your child.


To see some of these areas in use please visit our Gallery.