Our Program is designed to provide the child with a loving, happy atmosphere in which they can grow and develop, feeling good about themselves and school.

The students are grouped according to age;

( Chipmunk Group ) is the youngest members of our preschool.  This group of children is made up of 2 & 3 year olds who participate in a loosely structured circle time, emphasis on gross motor, speech, fine motor and sensory skills.

( Bunny Group ) is made up of 2 1/2 to young 4 year olds.  This group of children demonstrate readiness for a longer circle time, able to participate in learning games and discussion of basic skills and our units of study.

( Bear Group ) are the children who will be going into kindergarten in the coming year. This group receives a great deal of readiness skill training. In the spring, our teaching staff evaluates each child individually and in conferences with the parents explains where the child may need help and in which areas they excel.

Transitional Kindergarten
These are the children who just miss the October 1st
cut off for kindergarten. 
For a fuller explanation of this important part of the program please see the Kindergarten Page.

These children are in a formal full or half day session. For a fuller explanation of this important part of the program please see the Kindergarten Page.


As you look over the general schedules for our groups most of the activities will be self-explanatory. For those that may not be, a brief description is provided here;

MUSIC  Children enjoy a variety of music, e.g. Farmer in the Dell, Hokey Pokey, counting, alphabet & marching songs. Music & movement is an essential part of our program, which include lessons in movement, dance, rhythm instruments and exercises. We play instruments in our own make believe band, which includes a conductor.

READINESS  Small group time is set aside each day to prepare our PreKindergarten children for the more structured requirements of a Kindergarten program. Making use of our Circle Time we meet in the Kindergarten classroom, in small groups, to work on a lesson pertaining to the current Unit of Study or to practice a basic skill such as cutting, the alphabet and printing.

CIRCLE TIME  During this time we study a particular unit, such as plants, learn about holidays, do rhymes and finger plays, discuss the weather and seasons, and learn about community helpers, such as dentists, police officers and firefighters.

PROJECT TIME  The children do their arts & crafts (painting, drawing, cutting & pasting) to take home. Such projects fit in with the unit being taught that week.

COOKING  The children (once a week) make foods, such as egg salad, pizza, milk shakes, and eat the results.

STORY & SNACK  During this time children listen to a story read by their teacher while enjoying a snack, which we provide, in the morning and afternoon.

SOCIALIZED PLAY  The children learn how to cooperate, share, take turns and absorb social skills that provide the basis for important interactions.

OUTDOOR PLAY  Children work all those growing muscles as they run, climb and ride their way around our spacious, cheerful, enclosed playground.

NAP & MOVIE TIME  A cozy cot combined with a favorite pillow and blanket from home provide the perfect setting for a peaceful nap. Add a few G-rated video/DVDís and our non-sleepers enjoy a contented quiet time.

The activity, in which a group is engaged, is always age appropriate. There are times however when all the students are brought together to participate in an activity such as Music, Socialized Play or a special Event.


Please visit our individual group pages for each group's schedule of activities.

PreSchool Chipmunk/Bunny Group

PreKindergarten Bear Group